a sweet valentine’s day


Don’t you just love the necklace Drew gave me for Valentine’s Day? I’m absolutely in love with it. He always picks out the nicest jewelry for me!

With the boys spending the weekend at their grandmothers’ house, Drew and I were able to do pretty much anything we wanted for Valentine’s Day since Laura didn’t really have a say in it 😉 We had a late breakfast/early lunch at the diner (omelettes, rye toast, and fruit salad) before heading off to do a litle shopping. I had a gift card for Laura from Christmas and wanted to use it to get her a couple new toys. So we did that and then stopped by the Starr Library book sale. We took the boys on Saturday morning and just didn’t get to spend enough time there. We all scored some great deals. I was hoping to luck out with a few more craft books, but I’m happy with these two.


Although the sewing book is utterly dated, there’s some good basic info in there and a few of the projects can be updated. And I have to admit that I was totally sucked in by the photo of that adorable little girl with the sweet, ruffly dress on the cover. I couldn’t resist it. The Reader’s Digest book is a good reference and shows several crochet stitches I’m not familiar with. For $1, it was certainly worth it!

And take a look at these cooking booklets I got for a mere 10 cents a piece! There are some fun pioneer recipes I plan to try.


I also found some books to start Laura’s library. Noah and Jake each came home with a big bag of books, too. And Drew hauled a good bit home, himself.

At any rate, after spending a little more time at the book sales, we went home and I had to get some writing done. Then we went to our favorite local Indian restaurant for the buffet. It’s always good, but it was especially delicious Sunday night! The place was packed and we ended up sitting in an extra room that I think they usually reserve for parties. There was a group of college girls (and the one token boy) who were extra giggly and loud. Drew heard them mention something about a “dance off.” And while I didn’t quite anything about herpes simplex virus 2, occasionally there would be something that was a little too much information for a public restaurant.

We were so stuffed that when we got home we decided not to pop open the bottle of Rosa Regale we’d chilled. (So glad I didn’t have time to make creme brulee — that would not have been eaten either!) I think we’ll do both of those tonight, though.

So yes, it was a lovely day filled with good food, funny overheard conversation, and the best possible company 🙂

3 thoughts on “a sweet valentine’s day

  1. Christina

    That necklace is gorgeous! Drew definitely has great taste!

    I love looking at old cookbooks and craft books at antique stores. When I’m in Wisconsin, I usually find some great old church cookbooks.

  2. Lisanne

    Drew definitely does pick out amazing jewelry for you. How nice! Beautiful. Can’t wait to read your blog entries about the recipes you make from those cookbooks.


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