a shopping story

Last week I was at a discount store just looking around, not particularly wanting to buy anything. This is one of those stores that sells overstocks of everything from shampoo to olives to fat burners. They have a little bit of everything. So there I am looking at the calendars when a woman walks over and starts flipping through the calendars as well. Out of nowhere she says, “I’m looking for a cat calendar.” I’d just seen one. It featured black and white photos of cats doing funny things. So I handed it to her.

She took one look at it, then looked back at me and said, “Oh no. It has to be cute.” I looked at her and kind of rolled my eyes. I continued flipping through the stack and saw another one. Stupid me, trying to be helpful, thought that the full-color cats calendar would be more appealing. I said, “How about this one?” and showed it to her.

She looked at it. She sighed. She said, “Maybe I should have said kittens.”

That’s when I decided to leave the calendar aisle. People are crazy. What can I say?

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  1. Clare says:

    If you handed her one with kittens, she probably would have said “Kittens with hats on” or “One that actually meows”

    Some people are never happy! 😉

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