A New Twist On “4 Things”

We’ve all done that same old 4 Things About Me meme a few times now, I’m sure, but I saw that Shannon at Whimsical Chaos had one with a couple new additions and because I am bored, I’m gonna do it!
4 jobs I’ve held.
1. That annoying person at the mall who tries to get you to do surveys (I quit after 1 day)
2. Library page (seriously, that was the title — I was the girl who put the books away)
3. Cashier at CVS (met lots of weirdos)
4. Managing Editor (I came a long way, baby!)

4 Movies I can Watch over and over again
1. Singles
2. Waiting For Guffman
3. Talladega Nights
4. Old School

4 TV shows I currently watch
1. Top Chef
2. The Office (well, reruns for now)
3. Law & Order SVU reruns
4. Flipping Out

4 Favourite Pictures
Windowsill with Chrysanthamums

Driving on the West Side Highway

39/365 - Lazy Girl

Slice 'o the moon
If you’d like to see any more personal favorites, I started a set on Flickr. I really need to get my photography mojo back!

4 Places I have Vacationed.
1. Hampton Beach, NH
2. Lake George, NY
3. Saco, ME
4. Jackson, NH

4 Favourite Foods.
1. Steak au Poivre
2. Eggs
3. Chicken/Veal Parmesan
4. Lobster

4 Favourite Desserts.
1. Apple Crisp
2. Cheesecake
3. Cannolis
4. Creme Brulee

4 Household items you cannot live without
1. Toaster/toaster oven
2. Food processor
3. Grill
4. Washing Machine

4 Things that make you laugh lately.
1. The way Noah says “garbage”
2. Jake’s crazy Transformer stories
3. Drew’s obsession with vanity plates
4. The fact that Noah’s favorite cereal is Fiber One

4 People I tag
Who ever wants to do it

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  1. Those are totally *awesome* pictures, Carol!

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