A Lucky Day

I won!

As I’ve mentioned, the last week or so has been kind of crummy. So when I saw that my new Erin Condren notepads were out for delivery today, that immediately helped me perk up. I needed some colorful, cheery mail! Well, you can only imagine my utter shock when I opened the envelope and pulled out a chocolate bar with a golden ticket!

Erin was running a special promotion — products that shipped between March 1-17 had a chance to win one of 25 gift cards and I was one of the random winners. I would have been thrilled with anything, but it was a $50 gift card! So I am just going to tuck that away and use it toward next year’s Life Planner. That was such a lovely surprise and exactly what I needed after quite a few tough days.

Also exciting: we got our tax refund and I’m purchasing a 50 mm lens for my camera — whee! I am hoping it will not only help improve the photos I post here on my blog, but it will get me excited about photography again. It will arrive at the perfect time, just as bulbs start to spring forth from the ground and things come alive again with spring 🙂

Well, I am off to get the kids settled and in bed. Have a great night!

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