A Lovely Day

a lovely day

Finally we had a taste of spring! I took full advantage of the sunshine and mild temperatures. I flung open all the windows, dug out my flip-flops, and spent as much time as possible outside.

I’d been waiting for a day like this so I could wash my curtains and hang them out to dry (oh, how I miss my clothesline in the cold weather). They were plenty dusty from the winter. Tomorrow I’ll have to iron everything, but… that’s OK.

a lovely day

Laura and I ate our lunch outside on the deck. I can’t wait to make this a regular occurrence!

a lovely day

And of course there was plenty of play time, soaking in the sun. We went from the swing set to the driveway and back and forth about a million times.

a lovely day

Although I had so many chores I wanted to do, it was hard not to indulge my little cutie. Judging from the long-range forecast this is the last super-nice day we’ll have for a while. Tomorrow will still be OK for the most part, but then rain, and then it cools off again.

a lovely day

a lovely day

Nope, I’ll be keeping flannel sheets on the bed for a while longer (even though I am so ready to stash them in the linen closet until next fall). Ah, spring in the Northeast is a finicky thing!

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  1. Loving your pictures, you’re sure making the best of that awesome lens šŸ™‚

    Your little girl is SO darn cute šŸ™‚

    Glad you got some spring weather, and I have to tell you, I think my favorite photo from this post is the clothesline. LOVE it.

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