A Great Mother’s Day

I hope all the moms reading my blog had a delightful day yesterday! Mine was especially nice. It was gorgeous out, so the weather in and of itself put me in a good mood. I had big plans on sleeping in, but at 5:30 I was wide awake, so that didn’t quite happen! But I did laze about in bed until about 6:15 when everyone else was up. Jake was super excited and led me into the kitchen where Drew had arranged my gifts šŸ™‚

I was totally spoiled! I knew about the ’97 Chalk Hill Merlot because we were talking to the winemaker at the tasting we went to last week and he said it should be drinking perfect right about now. And since there were only one or two bottles left at the store, we decided to take one and I requested it for Mother’s Day. But the flowers, Ommegang Witte beer, notecards, and movies were all a surprise. Plus, when I checked my e-mail, I had a gift certificate from Amazon as well!

We leisurely got ready and then headed down to opening day at the Rhinebeck Farmer’s Market. All the moms got a free seedling; I chose Bee Balm. The market was a little overwhelming because it was crowded and I think a lot of “weekenders” were up from NYC. We did purchase some green peppercorn goat cheese and some spinach and organic white bean dip, though. Both are incredibly delicious! I think the spinach and bean dip would be even better if I warmed in the oven and melted some cheese over the top. I might try that later this week.

We spent the afternoon at home. Drew did some work around the house and the boys and I played. After they went to bed Drew grilled a sirloin steak which I slathered with blue cheese butter (recipe from the April 2007 issue of “Everyday Food”). Wow! Amazing! We had asparagus with it which was yummy as well, and then the Chalk Hill Merlot, which I’ll detail in another post. And that was pretty much it! My brother and his fiancee had the moms over for a late lunch and it sounds like they all had a great time as well!

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  1. Glad you had a great Mother’s Day. Just a heads up on the bee balm…if you haven’t already planted it. We brought some back from Tennessee one year…it grows on the mountains down there and is just beautiful. Anyway…you might want to try to contain it if you can. It will spread like wildfire!!! The *tiny* plants we brought home are now all over our small flower garden. Tom works hard to keep it from moving elsewhere. It is *tres* prolific!!!

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