A Great Feeling!

Yesterday morning I officially finished our Christmas shopping!!! What a load off my shoulders. Of course, I still have some crafting I need to finish up, but everything I need is in my house and I don’t need to spend anymore money, thankfully. I also got a little gift for myself yesterday — new (faux) leather boots. My brother and his wife had given me a Macy’s card for my birthday, and I had like $7 left on one my parents gave me two (or is it three?) years ago. The purses (my original idea) were ridiculously expensive there, even on sale, and I could not find anything else I liked. As I was leaving the store I passed by the shoe department and figured it was worth a look. I ended up walking out of there with a pair of these beauties at an even better price than listed on the company’s website! I think they’ll be supercute with jeans.

The other big deal yesterday was that I finally figured out what I’m making on Christmas Day. Shop Rite to the rescue! This week they have beef tenderloin (filet mignon) on sale for $4.99/lb (which is an excellent price), so I purchased one that is slightly over 5 lbs. I’ll serve it with iceberg lettuce wedges and blue cheese dressing, probably green beans, and some kind of potato. And don’t forget dessert (my version of “diet supplements” this time of year, LOL! Lord knows I’ve been supplementing my diet with plenty of them). I might see if my MIL wants to bring a buche de Noel like she did last year. If not, I’ll proabably just do cookies. I also have been craving my mom’s pear and lime Jell-O mold (don’t laugh — it is SO good!), so I might make that too. I’m really looking forward to it now that I have a nice, easy menu!

Today I am hoping to finish up our Christmas cards, but right now I promised Noah I’d make Rice Krispie treats with him. 🙂

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