Week’s Eats


After several days of eating out, I am glad to be cooking at home again! Here’s my plan for this week:

Sunday, June 29
@ my parents for most of the day
pizza for dinner

Monday, June 30
B: Cheerios, milk, fruit
L: Running errands, grab something out
D: Chicken parm, spaghetti, salad

Tuesday, July 1
B: Waffles & sausage or yogurt & granola
L: Hot dogs, chips, sliced raw veggies
D: Grilled London Broil, “kohl-slaw,” (bumped kohlrabi slaw from last week) baked beans

Wednesday, July 2
B: Cereal, milk, fruit
L: Grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit salad
D: Roasted chicken, some sort of vegetable, dilled potato salad

Thursday, July 3
B: Eggs and bacon
L: Soup and salads
T: Quesadillas (cheese for the boys, chicken for us), black bean salad

Friday, July 4:
B: Zucchini muffins (from freezer) with cream cheese, fruit
4th of July!!! BBQ at my MIL’s

Saturday, July 5:
B: Cereal, milk, fruit or yogurt & granola
L: Leftovers/fend for yourself
D: Pizza night (Cheese or pepperoni/black olive for the boys; Buffalo chicken or BBQ chicken/bacon for us)

For more menu ideas, visit Heavenly Homemakers, who is taking over for Organizing Junkie while she is away.

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