Sunday Snapshots, July 23, 2017


I’ve decided to bring back my “Sunday Snapshots” feature. I tried doing this at the beginning of the year as a way to get myself snapping away. I kind of fell off the wagon, but I’m trying to get back on. Just little snippets of my day.


What better way to start the day than bacon, yolky eggs, toast, and coffee?

I ?? breakfast.

Spent most of the morning cleaning up and puttering around. Lunch was Caesar salad and fire roasted tomato soup. My mom tipped me off on this tomato soup recipe from Betty Crocker which is so good! I added some roasted red peppers this time and it was delicious.

Noah headed off to DEC Camp for a week. I don’t know if other states offer similar camps, but New York offers some great environmental camps through the Department of Environmental Conservation. Jake went twice thanks to the local Lions Club and now Noah gets his turn.

Of to camp...
I set down in the afternoon to work on some crochet, only to discover that the cats had gotten into one of my skeins of yarn. Ugh… I still have finish detangling it.


Later in the afternoon I had to pick up Jake from his friend’s house and then we all ran over to Tops for some groceries. I was happy to finally find the blueberry pie Oreos! Can’t wait to try these!


And now it’s time for a cup of tea with milk and a little TV to wind down for the night. Thinking I might look through some cookbooks to get menu ideas for this week, too. Hope you had a great weekend!


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  1. I haven’t seen the blueberry pie cookies! I tried the Key Lime version earlier this week and really liked them and as an added bonus, my teenager did not. Enjoyed all the snapshots!

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