4:45 AM

Today shall require coffee. And lots of it. I cannot believe it’s not even 9:30 yet. Good freaking grief. The boys are absolute maniacs. I mean, Noah is screaming, totally freaking out because the size 4 tiny shoes do not fit him.

Sigh. It is going to be one long day.

Thank goodness D. will be home relatively early tonight. And he’s bringing me my favorite sandwich (Balducci’s Santa Fe chicken sandwich… oh, I am already salivating).

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  1. I think that I’ve heard of that place before. Christina has mentioned it, maybe. Is it a gourmet grocery store? Sounds delicious! Sorry that you were having “one of those days.” I think that all of us moms have them from time to time!

  2. Oh, BTW … I love the “Hubs” thing that you’re doing! Awesome! I joined a website called MyLot.com that’s similar, I think. But … I’ll have to check out the Hub thing. Awesome that you’re writing articles!

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