Backyard Camping, Part 2!

Campfire at home... Ready for hot dogs now and marshmallows later!

I seriously, seriously have the most creative and wonderful husband ever. He has really turned what was a disappointing weekend into something so fun. Other guys might prefer to spend a hot Saturday in the mall looking at DVDs or tv mounts or who knows what. But Drew constructed an at-home scout camp for the day. I will have to do some in-depth writing about it after I download all the photos.

The boys are having such a great time (in fact, they seem pretty worn out!). We just got the chimminea going for our “campfire” so we can cook hot dogs, and then later on we’ll roast some marshmallows.

And what’s strange is that throughout the day, all these little things popped up that made it seem like there really was a reason I screwed up on the date and the guys couldn’t go. Nothing major, but little things: Jake’s bathing suit was never pack (devastating if he had been at camp), a pole on the tent broke… things like that. Make you wonder if someone was watching out for us!

2 Replies to “Backyard Camping, Part 2!”

  1. Well that looks like fun! Good on your husband making the best of a non-ideal situation 🙂

  2. Usually at the time we get so panicky and upset and we don’t realize that things happen for a reason. Even though it didn’t work out as planned, just think of all the bonding your husband and son get to do, one on one. How sweet 🙂

    Can’t wait for the pictures.

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