A Beautiful Surprise

Today when I got back to work after picking up my kids from VBS, this beautiful floral arrangement was on my desk. My parents sent me flowers! It was such a beautiful surprise and they are just gorgeous. They also smell divine! 

The library is closed on Wednesdays so I brought them home so I can be sure to enjoy them. There is nothing like having fresh flowers in the house, is there?

Happy Homemaker Monday // July 8, 2019

Ah well… I didn’t manage to write this weekend, but honestly I was so busy that I really didn’t have a lot of time. It was a great weekend, though. The big exciting news is that I was appointed Library Director! I met with a few Board members Tuesday night and was offered the job and then on Saturday they had a meeting and officially appointed me. I celebrated on Sat. night by going out to dinner with a friend I haven’t seen in months, then Sunday was all about taking care of grocery shopping and chores.

Today was my first day in my new role so I am just now getting around to blogging. I actually had to head out super early this AM to drop off my car at the dealership to have some work done, so between that and a full day at work I am so ready to wind down!

As usual, I am linking up with Sandra at Diary of a SAHM for Happy Homemaker Monday.

The weather:::

Today was beautiful, but it is going to get nasty and hot again. I’m over the summer weather, let me tell you.



N 5 mph 52%

JUL 10

Partly Cloudy
SSW 6 mph 52%

JUL 11

PM Showers
S 9 mph 57%

JUL 12

Scattered Thunderstorms
WSW 7 mph 67%

JUL 13

W 7 mph 54%

On the breakfast plate this morning:::
I didn’t have time to eat this morning, so I just grabbed a latte on the way from the dealership to work

Right now I am:::
Listening to Laura sing in the shower

On my bedside table:::
Same junk as last week!

On my reading pile:::
Still reading Midnight in Chernobyl

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
Nothing really of note

On my TV this week:::Stranger Things

On the menu for this week:::
Monday: Burgers & Fries
Tuesday: Zuppa toscana, salad
Wednesday: Grilled Greek chicken, lemon herb quinoa & brown rice, zucchini
Thursday: Something in the Crock Pot
Friday: ??? I won’t be home, so Drew will come up with something
Saturday: Chicken fajitas

On my to do list:::– Print out new insurance cards
– Laura’s physical
– Clean bedrooms

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I started knitting that shawl this weekend and I’m having the hardest time with it, so I ripped it all back and I need to take a step back before I pick it up again.

Looking forward to:::
Seeing my friends on Sunday afternoon for drinks and appetizers!

Looking around the house:::
Gotta do the dinner dishes. Gotta put the laundry away. Everything is kind of a mess, but that’s OK — I’ll get used to my new schedule and get back on track. 

From the camera:::
4th of July fireworks

What I’m wearing today:::
Skinny jeans, leopard print ballet flats, and a new tiered button top. I bought this one in yellow yesterday and I got so many compliments on it! I love the mustard yellow color!

One of my simple pleasures:::
An empty, clean sink when I go to bed (which is even better when I wake up in the morning and it’s still empty & clean!

Ready for Bed

Is it bedtime yet? I really didn’t sleep well last night and I am dying to get into bed. Alas, I have to pick up Jake from work around 10 p.m. Would it be wrong to drive over in my PJs? At least tomorrow is Saturday and a short work day. I’ve got dinner plans with a friend and the weather is supposed to cool down a bit (thunderstorms!).

Not much else to write about, but I wanted to stay accountable and keep plugging along blogging something every day this month!

Happy Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day!

Did you know that July 4th isn’t actually the day our Declaration of Independence was signed? It was actually just the day the document was formally dated, finalized, and adopted by the Continental Congress (1). Also,  John Adams believed that July 2nd was the correct date on which to celebrate the birth of American independence, and would reportedly turn down invitations to appear at July 4th events in protest (2). I thought those were some interested facts to share. Whether you choose to spend a quiet day at home or head out to a BBQ, I wish you all a fun day filled with family, friends, and fireworks!

Winding Down…

So today I thought I’d do one of those “Day in the Life” type of posts, but… aside from my breakfast I didn’t take any photos so that will have to wait for another day!

Quick recap of what I did today, though… Got up on the early side, had a cup of tea and then stripped the sheets from our bed and threw those in the laundry with some towels. Jake had to get to the rec park at 7:30 to get some clean-up done prior to the summer camp’s health inspection, so I drove him over there. He is filling in as assistant director for one week, which I think will be a nice change from his dishwashing job at Omega. He actually likes it a lot, but I think for a week it may be fun to be at the pond and playground instead!

Got home, switched the laundry to the dryer and the decided to freshen up our pillows, so the ones we don’t really sleep on went outside where I spritzed them with BioCleen and left them to soak in the sun. I washed the other ones. Then I picked Jake up a little after 9, took all the kids to do some shopping. We hit up Joann, Dollar Tree, Walmart, Aldi, and Shop Rite. It was a whirlwind, but we got all our errands done.

I had to put the AC on when we got back because it is so awfully not. (Hello, NOT a summer person here). Then I got back to it, putting away the groceries, putting new sheets on the bed, vacuuming, driving Jake to his dishwashing job…

Drew was coming home from seeing his aunt at the hospital so he suggested picking up dinner at this Greek restaurant we have been wanting to try. I was all for it!The gyros were absolutely delicious! I wish I had taken a photo before devouring mine, but I was so hungry I just gobbled it up.

I put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, got the kitchen sorted out, and finally felt like I could wind down for the day.

Poured myself a glass of Chardonnay and here I am!

I am super tired because I was up exceptionally late last night. I have a hard time going to sleep when my husband is away, so I watched TV until late then read until 12:30 a.m. or so. Even then I tossed and turned and ended up playing a few levels of Candy Crush before finally nodding off.

Luckily Jake’s friend will give him a lift home after work, so I don’t have to head out again. The rest of my night will be watching a little “Trailer Park Boys,” taking a shower, reading a bit (I’m so close to finishing my book), then zonking out. With tomorrow being a holiday, no one has to go anywhere early, so I am really hoping that I sleep in a little bit. Gone are the days when I could sleep until 10 or even 9 in the morning. If I sleep until 7:30 I feel like I’m waking up super late!

Guess that’s all for today!

Bits of my Garden

Well it was quite a strange day today, filled with all kinds of ups and downs. We woke up to the news that my husband’s aunt had another stroke this morning. She has Alzheimer’s and just had a stroke in April. This one affected the other side of her brain. 
Drew went down there tonight and she seemed to actually be in good spirits and she recognized him immediately, so that was really good. Her already bad vision, however, has now deteriorated further. All in all, I guess it could be worse, but it is just another blow that I’m sure will make the Alzheimer’s progress further. If you have ever had experience with Alzheimer’s or dementia I am sure you understand how devastating it is to see. She will be in the hospital for at least a day or two while they do some more tests.
I did get some good news tonight that I can’t talk about just yet, but it was definitely a nice way to end the day. After dinner I took a little walk around the yard to check on my plants.
Ferns. We have so many ferns around our house. They grow everywhere and honestly I get frustrated with them because they just overtake certain areas. It’s always surprising when I see how much they cost at the garden center because I just have more than I care to!
Geranium. I love geraniums, especially the smell. My oldest gave me this one for Mother’s Day. They were selling them at the high school and I am so proud of myself for keeping it alive! And look at all those buds! The flowers are a beautiful salmon color and I can’t wait to see them open again.

Roses. This rose bush moved with us from our last home, over 15 years ago. I got it for my first Mother’s Day! I’m sure it would be bigger if I took proper care of it, but it is a faithful bloomer.

Day lilies. This is one of the fancier day lilies I got last summer. I wish I remembered the names of the varieties. Can’t wait to see what color this one is! I know some were pink, some were yellow, and there might have been a purple too.

I’ve kept things pretty simple this year, but at least I am not overwhelmed with plant care. My tiger lilies also have buds, and I can’t wait for those to bloom, too! I think everything will pop in the next few days… Can’t wait to see the beautiful color in my flower beds.

Happy Homemaker Monday // July 1, 2019

Rabbit rabbit! Happy July to everyone. I feel like our summer is finally here. High school graduation was this past weekend so now all of my musical children are finally done with concerts (both of my boys played at graduation on Saturday night). Now we transition to a variety of camps — VBS, Boy Scout camps, rec camps… I guess things don’t really slow down all that much, but in a way it feels like they do because at least there’s not homework or that many extra commitments.
I feel like a new month is always a great time for a fresh start and for goal setting, so one of my goals is to blog every day, to get back into the habit. It may not be a long post every day (though it may be!), but even a photo or two will count in my book. Another goal is transferring all of the recipes from my old blog to a new recipe blog that I’d like to start. Yes, I am feeling motivated!!!
Well, let’s get things started with Happy Homemaker Monday. Hop over to Sandra’s blog to join in or to read HHM post from a great group of ladies!

The weather:::

Well, summer is definitely here! Today will be in the mid-80s and sunny. This whole week looks to be very hot as a matter of fact. Not my favorite weather, but that’s OK. It’s seasonable and I know so many people love the summer weather.

Monday – Sunny, 84/61
Tuesday – Sunny, 84/65
Wednesday – Sunny, 84/66
Thursday – Sunny, chance of thunderstorms, 90/66
Friday – Sunny, chance of thunderstorms, 85/70
Saturday – Sunny, chance of thunderstorms, 85/67

On the breakfast plate this morning:::

This morning I just had coffee and a slice of low-cal multigrain toast with crunchy peanut butter.

Right now I am:::
Getting ready to head in to work. I don’t typically work in the library on Mondays, but I am covering for someone who is on vacation this week and next week.

On my bedside table:::
My bedside table is currently a mess – I really need to straighten everything out. I have my thyroid meds, lotions, books, a tissue box… really I need to get in there and give the whole room a good cleaning and organizing.

On my reading pile:::

Current reading Midnight in Chernobyl: The Untold Story of the World’s Greatest Nuclear Disaster by Adam Higginbotham. For many people my age, the great traumatic event of 1986 was the space shuttle disaster. For me it was the explosion of reactor #4. This book is excellent — it’s rich with detailed history, but is written so well that it’s almost a page-turner. It is not dry at all. If you enjoy non-fiction, Russian history, or remember the disaster and want to learn more I highly recommend it.

Movies or Shows I watched this weekend:::
We has an incredibly busy weekend so we didn’t watch too much of anything. Drew and I have been watching Trailer Park Boys on Netflix and it’s so stupid, but also funny. 

On my TV this week:::
Stranger Things, season 3!!! I am so excited to watch this when it hits Netflix later in the week.

On the menu for this week:::
Meatball & sausage Parmesan, broccoli


Kielbasa, sauerkraut, mini pierogis, veggies

Out to dinner with a friend (maybe?)

Thursday – Independence Day

Bacon burgers, chips, cole slaw, buffalo chicken dip, crudite, etc. Just planning on making a bunch of fun food to enjoy on the holiday.

Not sure yet

On my to do list:::

Mail in paperwork for various camps
Register Laura for town rec camp
Transfer recipes from my old blog to a new cooking blog

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::

I am feeling the knitting bug biting me these days. Although I tend to do more crochet now, I learned to knit first. I was looking through my yarn stash and a hank of Gale’s sock yarn that I purchased at Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool last fall jumped out at me. I think the Be Simple Variations Shawl is due to be cast on this week! I also want to work up some dishcloths and dish towel toppers.

Looking forward to:::
An extra day off this week!

Looking around the house:::
It’s not too bad because we had company yesterday, so we did a speed clean in the morning. And I’ve already vacuumed so the floors are clean. But there is definitely some organizing that needs to be done!

From the camera:::
My day lilies — I can’t believe the deer haven’t eaten them yet! Last year a generous library patron dug up some of her fancy day lilies to share with me and those are just popping. I can’t wait for them to bloom!

What I’m wearing today:::
Jeans and a white/black/pink blouse that I honestly don’t like, but… it’s what I grabbed out of the closet. I probably should just donate it because I don’t feel like it’s all that flattering.

One of my simple pleasures:::
Wildflowers growing along the roadside. I’m so lucky to live in a rural community with lots of grass, trees, and flowers and I try not to take it for granted!
Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!