Ta-Da! Simple C2C Scarf

C2C Scarf

Sometimes it seems like I never finish a project. I start something, get really excited about it, and then abandon it for the next pattern I fall in love with. But occasionally I do actually finish something, believe it or not!

C2C Scarf

Back in mid-September, Michaels had a big sale on Caron Cakes yarn. Laura fell in love with the Blueberry Shortcake colorway and asked me to make her a scarf. First I tried altering the Winter Rays Scarf from Left in Knots.


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It really wasn’t working out with this weight of yarn, so I ripped it apart and decided to just do a C2C (corner to corner) scarf. It’s a pattern I’ve made before, and relatively quick. I was cruising right along with it until last week when I had to frog about 16 inches because I started the decrease too soon on one row! Ugh! That was no fun, but at least it’s such a quick pattern to work up that recovery didn’t take too long.

C2C Scarf

I modified the Corner to Corner Throw pattern from Red Heart to make this scarf. Basically, it’s just a rectangle and you hardly need a pattern because the technique is pretty easy, but I always have a hard time getting started, so I like to refer to that pattern.

C2C Scarf

What’s my next project? While I should turn my focus back to my Atlanticus blanket or that granny shrug, I think I am going to try to quickly whip up another Caron Cakes project, and make myself a triangle scarf. Hopefully I can start on that today!

When Things Don’t Go Your Way

Today was so utterly frustrating. I was really looking forward to a relaxing day — a little bit of shopping, and getting a long overdue haircut. Friends, I have not been in the salon since January 2016. I did have my mother-in-law trim my ends back in May but yeah… my hair is very long and very thick and very much in need of some attention.


I got the kids on the bus, I did the breakfast dishes, I did a little bit of computer work and then grabbed my stuff and headed out to the car. Put the key in the ignition and while all the dashboard lights came on, the engine would not turn over. 

It made this odd fast clicking sound that I’d never heard before.  So, the first thing I did was cancel my haircut appointment because obviously I wasn’t going to be making it in today. Some quick Internet research narrowed down the problem, and Drew insisted on leaving work early to help me out. Luckily, the issue seemed to be pretty mild — a good jump start got me back in business. I’ve been leaving the car parked outside because my garage bay had stuff in it, and then realized that last night I made a boo-boo and did not turn off one of the cabin lights. Obviously, that drained my battery.

So, although my day didn’t go quite as planned, it could have been worse. Drew brought me lunch (no apologies, I love onion rings and Zesty Sauce from Burger King!), and he finished the day working from home, which was nice.


Instead of the breaded chicken I’d planned for dinner (for which I needed to purchase ingredients), instead I threw together some American Chop Suey because I had the browned ground beef in the freezer.


And I got to spend a little time in the afternoon adding contacts to our new house cell phone (we ditched the landline and transferred over to a prepaid cell to save some money, but keep the number we’ve had for 13 years), scrubbing the tub, and crocheting. 

So now that dinner is done,  dishes are put away, kids are getting ready to wind down for the night, I think it’s time to wrap this up. Tea, some TV, and crochet are my plans for tonight. Last week I had to rip back 16 inches on a scarf I’m making for Laura. Ugh! I was almost done, so I really want to finish that up. Have a great night!

Missing My Blog

Lately I find myself wishing to get back into my blog. Yes, I’ve been posting reviews, but something is still keeping me from just writing freely about my days, my projects, my recipes… I can’t quite figure it out. But I’m jumping back in and we’ll see where it goes!

I’m contemplating a new template. Maybe a change of scenery will be inspiring — it’s just so much work updating everything. Some times I wish I was still on Blogger. It’s much simpler, but if I go back now all my links will be broken and it will just be a huge pain. More aggravation than it’s worth, probably. And I might just be using that as an excuse, if truth be told.

So yeah, I’m just going to try to get back to posting regularly, remembering why I want to do it (for myself, for documenting our days for family, and for sharing fun things online). It is not a popularity contest!

OK, onward! Well, I’m not sure if we had our first frost last night, but it was certainly cold when I was driving to work this morning! 


The temperature actually went down on my way to the library! Crazy! The weather was pretty nice over the weekend, though. It was nice enough on Sunday night to eat dinner outside. I picked up pizza on the way home from grocery shopping and saw that Drew had build a fire in the firepit, so that’s what we did.


Friday night we decided to do one last outdoor movie, and since it was Friday the 13, of course we decided to show… Friday the 13th. Quite a few of Jake’s friends came over and they thought they were pretty wise to what was going on in the movie, cracking jokes at the cheesiness, trying to figure out who was the murderer. Yup, until the final scene on the lake. Oh my word, I was laughing hysterically as these 15 year-old boys literally screamed and jumped out of their seats! And yes, of course, we had to get the hockey mask out.


In keeping with the Halloween vibe, last night I watched another favorite 80s horror movie: C.H.U.D. When we were kids, my brother and I watched it one Saturday afternoon when the USA Network used to have “Commander U.S.A.’s Groovy Movies.” Most of them were cheesy sci-fi/horror. I am sure that is what inspired my love for the genre!


I do love this time of year! Hard to believe October is half-way over, though. Time just zips right by. Also hard to believe that my birthday is next week! It’s kind of snuck up on me. No big plans, though. In fact no plans, LOL! 

Well, I think I’ll finish up this post and head to the bank and grocery store before picking up Laura at her after school program. If you’re still around and reading, drop me a comment so I know I’m not just talking to myself! 😉

Review | LipSense Lip Color & Lip Gloss

I feel like I am constantly searching for a great lipstick. Every few years I find one I love, but then it goes out of production and I have to start from scratch. Well, I am happy to say that after a few years of looking, my current search is over!

I was offered the chance to try out LipSense from Red Gate Beauty and after using it for a few weeks, it’s official: I’m in love. LipSense is not your typical lipstick. It is waterproof, kiss-proof, and smear-proof. The color and gloss are both available in an array of beautiful shades.

LipSense is a long-lasting liquid lip color that lasts between 4-18 hours. I can personally attest to it lasting for 6 hours and lots of talking, drinking, and eating! It is lead-free, wax-free, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, and not tested on animals. Plus it is made right here in the U.S.A.!

To wear LipSense, you just have to follow a few steps. First, clean and dry your lips. Then shake the bottle of color. Swipe the color on in one direction (just a thin layer). If you want more color, wait 10 seconds and reapply. (The first time I tried the color I was surprised by the tingling sensation, but  that is just the cosmetic-grade denatured alcohol which create a bacteria-free environment in the tube. It wasn’t unpleasant at all – it just caught me off-guard.) Five seconds after you apply the color to your lips you can apply the gloss, which acts like a magic sealer and moisturizer.

LipSense review for redgatebeauty.com

My favorite part about the gloss? You can choose from several different colors that adds just a little bit extra to your lips when combined with the color, or you can wear it on your own for a natural look. For my gloss, I chose Orchid, and it really is the perfect topcoat to the Praline Rose color.

LipSense review for redgatebeauty.com

In addition to being long-lasting, the color itself is what I love most about LipSense. It is so hard to find color that isn’t over-the-top or really fake looking. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but I do like to accentuate my lips. LipSense is perfect for that. And if you want a vibrant color, they have plenty to choose from! Plus, you can mix and match colors in order to get the shade that is uniquely yours!

LipSense review

I’m excited to offer my readers a 15% discount code if you want to try LipSense out for yourself. Head over to Red Gate Beauty and use the code bloggymoms15 at check-out.