Summer Music

So I recently started working as the program coordinator at my local library, and we are doing a summer music series for the first time! We have a variety of bands scheduled, from doo-wop to Celtic, and everything in between. I’m going to be busy making sure we have available all the equipment that the musicians will need. (I wonder if I should check out digital piano reviews — seems like I am checking on everything else!) I hope the weather will cooperate and I hope we get a good showing!

Crochet Jellyfish

Crochet jellyfish

I just wanted to share these two jellyfish that I crocheted over the weekend. If you are a crafter and on Facebook, then you have undoubtedly seen this pattern going around. They are so easy to make, and relatively quick. This pair went to my niece and nephew, and I plan to make one for Laura. If you want to give these a shot, head over to One Dog Woof for the pattern!