Happy Thanksgiving!

 photo turkey.jpg


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! This was the first time in several years that I didn’t cook — we went down to Drew’s mom’s house and it was a great day. Everything was delicious and everyone seemed to have a good time.

Here are a couple gratuitous food shots (because you know I had to!). Laura pretty much ate her weight in shrimp. It was really funny watching her devour them. 




By the time we left, it was freezing cold out! (Not that it was warm at all today, but it just felt extraordinarily cold when walking back to the car). I found myself wishing for battery powered gloves to keep my hands warm. At least I had a heated car seat to warm up my tush!

All in all, a great day with family, reflecting on how much we have to be thankful for.

5 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dishes

5 Easy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Dishes | puresugar.net

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and if you’re still agonizing over the menu, don’t fret! I’m sharing 5 easy recipes — 3 for side dishes and 2 for desserts. I’m actually making up the sweet potatoes today and bringing them to my in-laws’ house tomorrow!

Maple Baked Sweet Potatoes

Green Beans with Lemon

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Peanut Butter Pie
peanut butter pie

Flourless Chocolate Torte
flourless chocolate torte


From our house to yours… Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Planning

Well, this morning Drew pretty much finished up Christmas shopping for the kids. No, not by going out to a store. He found some great online deals. (We’re such lazy shoppers.) If it was legal, I’d probably type in http://www.tcds.com instead of picking up my prescriptions at the local pharmacy. So that means I will probably not be partaking in Black Friday “festivities” this year. We might end up having to run out to the grocery store or pick something up later, but I do not feel the need to set my alarm and get to the mall at 4AM. Don’t get me wrong – I used to enjoy it but… this year I think I’ll just take the extra few hours of sleep.

Chilly Sunday


Hello, hello! Hope you all have been enjoying the weekend. As usual, it’s been pretty busy around here. It’s easy to gripe and say I’d rather be at home (which is true), but at the same time I’m thankful for a part-time job that I love, friends to see, and activities to keep everyone happy.

Friday night was our Cub Scout pack meeting and we held a rain gutter regatta. For those who don’t know what that is, the boys build boats (similar to Pinewood Derby cars) and then by blowing throw a straw, they sail them down the channels of an inflatable rain gutter. This was the first year we used the inflatable “gutters.” In previous years we used actual rain gutters, which were bulky and messy.

Rain gutter Regatta

Rain gutter Regatta

The boys all had a great time! We just raced for fun. Then I suggested that the parents race their kids’ boats. At first there were a couple moans and groans but you could tell everyone secretly wanted to do it,  ha ha! It was great!

Yesterday I worked at the library in the morning and then we went to a friend’s birthday party in the afternoon. I did a little shopping at Michael’s and Sam’s but let me tell you — I am not exactly digging the “holiday spirit” out there, especially this early in the season. Everyone is impatient and rushing and angry. Kind of the opposite of what this time of year is supposed to be about, isn’t it? We did what we had to do and came home. Between people’s attitudes and crazy traffic, I had really had it.

Today was much different. I helped set up the parish center for tomorrow’s very special preschool Thanksgiving feast. I made a quick run to Stop & Shop (again, it was crazy but at least being by myself it was easier to handle). And that was about it. It was freezing out there today, so I was happy to come home and make a big pot of chicken and rice soup. I also decided to bake a pie since I have so many apples in my refrigerator for some reason.

Now I’m just getting dinner ready: the soup, some oven fries, and sandwiches. Easy! Though I’m mostly looking forward to a slice of pie for dessert 😉


This week should actually be pretty relaxing. I’m not cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year — I just need to make the sweet potatoes and cole slaw — so I can relax a bit. The kids have a nice break for the holiday. And yes… I am very much looking forward to putting our Christmas tree up at the end of the week!

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving this year? Staying home? Travelling? It is my favorite holiday, and I just can’t wait!


November? What!



Good grief, it’s been ages! The time just flies, I swear to you. I missed posting about all kinds of fun stuff, including my birthday and Halloween! Oh well… in a way maybe it’s good that I’ve been so engaged in life that blogging has just taken a back burner. Seasons… you know?

Anyway! We spent the long weekend up at Lake George. I love going there in the off-season, though I have to say it was rather busy. I used some birthday money and splurged on something I’ve been wanting for a while: new dishes. I decided to go with Corelle. I grew up with Corelle. My parents still have them. They are tough-as-nails and last. I figured it was worth it to shell out a little more for the good stuff.

Originally I was going with a box set of white Corelle dishes until an associate at the factory store told me that open stock would be 40% off if I purchased 12 or more pieces. (Hello… family of 5. Yes, I will be buying more than 12!) We looked at the patterns for a while and finally decided on “Old Town Blue” for dinner plates, lunch plates, and dessert bowls. I chose “Folk Stitch” (with a simple blue line around the rim) for the soup/cereal bowl. I made white chicken chili for lunch so you can see how perfectly they go together.

new corelle

How funny was it to learn that Old Town Blue is a vintage 70s print that is only sold new in open stock in Corelle stores? Ha! So typical of me. Anyway… I love it. Love the pattern. Love that it is made in the USA. Really love that it is made in New York. It is more than I have ever spent on everyday dishes, but I think it’s a worthwhile investment.

When we weren’t shopping for plates, we were swimming… eating… and relaxing. Oh, I also splurged on tart warmers from the Yankee Candle outlet. At 12 for $10, I couldn’t resist. They’re so much better than the cheap-o wax melts I usually buy. Currently I have spiced orange in my burner right now and it smells amazing! Perfect for this time of year. As you can see from my first picture we got our first snowfall. And while part of me would like to jump right into Christmas, I’m holding back because I do so love Thanksgiving. And that orange scent is a perfect bridge.

Well, I think I’m going to brew a cup of tea and snack on one of the cider donuts I bought at Sutton’s. I have a new crochet project going thanks to Sandra. It’s a shell stitch infinity scarf. I’ve had the yarn (Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock) for years… it was about time I put it to good use. Here’s a pic from Friday (I was stuck for 3 agonizing hours waiting for new tires to be put on my car):

shell stitch infinity scarf

Hoping to update more regularly. Not quite sure what happened except time really did slip away! Hope anyone who is left reading is doing well!!!