old barn

Remember when I posted a photo of a local barn a few weeks ago? Well, it finally collapsed under the weight of all the snow we’ve had since Tuesday afternoon. I doubt that the owner was looking for property insurance online, but I have to wonder… how’s he going to get that camper out from the rubble now? I joke but like my brother said, it’s sad to see these old barns go. They don’t build them like that anymore and I’m impressed that it withstood all the rain, snow, wind, and ice we’ve had for the past six years that I’ve lived here (and who knows how much for years before that).

before & after

entirely too much winter

more winter.

Yesterday we woke up to snow-covered everything. When all was said and done, between Tuesday and Wednesday’s snow I think we got between 14 and 16 inches. (It’s already compacted down, though.) Schools were closed yesterday and our power was out for about eight hours. During that time I channeled my inner pioneer and saw just how resourceful I could be when it came down to it. Having no power meant that our well wasn’t pumping water into the house, so we filled stock pots with snow and set them next to the wood stove to melt. Then I made tea on the wood stove 😉 It’s not too often that you actually use a wood stove to cook with in this day and age, but that’s how I heated up our lunch and it worked just fine! While the power was out the boys made a fort in Jake’s room:

superfort building

The power came back on in the early afternoon, thankfully. There are still people in the area without power. And, naturally, today we have a cold, wet, yucky mess on our hands. Schools are closed again and it’s been alternating between snow, rain, and sleet all day. Since the weather isn’t fit for outdoor play, the boys are having a pyjama day. There’s been reading, playing with the Wii and with G.I. Joe action figures, doing Pix-Os, and I’m sure a bunch of things I don’t even know about. I made cupcakes for them to decorate after lunch. It’s not quite Crumbs, but they were pretty good!

(almost) as good as crumbs

Laura’s not feeling well. She’s all sniffly, sneezy, and snotty. She allowed me to put her down for a few minutes to work on the cupcakes though. But she’s still so cute, even when she’s not feeling herself.

I also cleaned out and rearranged the cabinet that holds our glasses, made hot and sour soup, and also made chai tea concentrate. Now, because I had such a busy morning and barely slept last night, I am totally wiped out. I think I’m going to spend the rest of the afternoon watching shows on Netflix and (if I’m lucky) getting some crochet in, too.

dishcloth final tally

Unfortunately, I was not able to get much crochet time in last week, though I did finish up the last dishcloth that was on my hook. It’s rather badly mishapen! See?

dandy dishcloth

No matter, it will still do the job. My grand total was… eight dishcloths. Not great, but not too bad, either! I’ll probably keep some and set some aside for last-minute gifts. Thanks to Melissa for such a great idea! Now, I’m back to working on Laura’s Easter dress.

stupid winter

I sure hope that everyone out on the roads tonight has good car insurance. It’s very slick out there. After lunch I started out to the grocery store, and as I crested a hill close to my house, I saw a car that must have spun out. It was in the middle of the road attempting to turn around. Thankfully I was able to avoid an accident by swerving into the shoulder. After that I was so shaken that I turned around at the next road and came back home.

Once again, the weatherman fouled it up. Last night when I checked the weather, the forcast called for one inch of snow accumulation last night, about an inch during the day, and another inch tonight. This morning? It had suddenly changed to a predicted accumulation of 5-10 inches. We easily have at least 8 inches and I’m curious what will pile up overnight.

25 days until spring.

sunday snippets

Last night around 2:30 we were jolted awake. I have no idea what happened, but a car horn blew loudly and either screached their brakes or peeled out; I’m not quite sure. Nevertheless, it was nearly impossible to get back to sleep. So while I was laying there in bed, not sleeping, my mind was racing around from subject to subject. I started getting stressed out about the Christian Seder our church is holding. I volunteered to be chairperson and need a handful of people still to help out with various tasks. Of course, it will get done but in the middle of the night I started worrying that I’d have to do everything (which, of course, I wouldn’t but again — I’m not rational in the middle of a sleepless night).

Then I again started thinking about online degrees. Maybe if I had a business degree I would feel more comfortable managing people. Western Governer’s University offers a program; maybe I should look into it, LOL! After all, I could do it from home. Well, if nothing else I’ll have the experience under my belt for the next time I get suckered into heading up a big project 😉

So yes, I’m tired today. I really need to wash the kitchen floor and I wish I had someone to do it for me. But we have guests coming over in a bit so I really ought to just suck it up and do it. Maybe I’ll throw together some brownies. You know, for a little motivation 🙂

happy saturday

Oh goodness, am I worn out today. I’ve been running around since early this morning. I certainly won’t need sleeping pills tonight (not that I ever do — I don’t have any problem zonking out). The day started out with Mass and a parents meeting for First Communion. That lasted most of the morning. In the afternoon I did have some time to just hang out. I checked out the library’s book sale and picked a few books up. And tonight was the Cub Scouts’ Blue & Gold Banquet. Jake received his Wolf badge.


We had a great time but it was a little long. In fact, we had to skip out a tiny bit early because Noah and Laura were just too tired. We didn’t get home until about 9, which is very late for them. But dinner was great (spaghetti, meatballs, salad, and fresh bread) and we were treated to some Native American dances, which were really cool. Jake loves studying about the Native Americans so I know he especially enjoyed it. A busy, but good day.

staying organized

tulipsWhen I was waiting to register Noah for kindergarden yesterday, another mom remarked that she didn’t know how I did it with three kids. And truthfully, though there have been hurdles to overcome, generally the leap from two to three children has been easier than one to two. I do give my husband a lot of credit for being a tremendous help. Although I’m nowhere near sane, I’d be a lot crazier if he wasn’t so awesome. But I think one of the keys to keeping things together is having a good household notebook. I am sure a lot of you already have one and I think it really makes your house run smoother. I’m in the process of revamping mine. With the piles of school papers from both boys getting out of control, and having to check e-mail messages or my cell phone every time I needed someone’s number, I realized it was time. Remember: the notebook works for you. You don’t work for it.

I’ve overcome the urge to buy lots of pretty new office supplies and I’ve made due with what I’ve found around the house. I repurposed a binder that was a coupon binder in a former life (an example of something that didn’t work for me), and I’ve scrounged around for page protecters, dividers, folders, and other things I’ve needed. I always enjoy taking a peek at other homemaking binders, so maybe next week I’ll do a video entry showing you mine. Maybe someone will get a good idea from it! 🙂

the thing about babies…

… is that once you think you’ve got them figured out they go ahead and change on you. A couple weeks ago, after employing a mishmash of sleep-encouraging techniques written about in various books (in particular, The No-Cry Sleep Solution), Laura had gone from waking once an hour, to getting at least one five-hour stretch of sleep and waking two to three times a night. I am sure some of you will drop your jaws, aghast that an eight-month old was not sleeping straight through from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. but I was quite happy with this. I don’t believe that babies “should” be sleeping totally through the night at six months, but that’s my own thing. I do, however, believe that this up every hour business was for the birds and mostly because she wanted comfort because she couldn’t figure out how to go back to sleep on her own.

We were doing great! I was getting sleep! Everyone was happy! And then… we started going right back to where we were. Only this time my non-nursing comfort techniques just made her angry; they didn’t soothe her at all. So here we go all over again. The poor thing still hasn’t had any of her teeth poke through, and I have to believe that the discomfort is part of this. The last couple nights there were a few instances where nothing at all would console her. Those tiny little gums are so swollen. I really think she’s going to get them all at once. (It all goes so fast, though doesn’t it? One day you’re stressing about baby teeth, the next you’re trying to help your teen find the best acne treatment.)

So I don’t know. I’m just rolling with it. I don’t mind letting her fuss for a while, but when you’re pretty sure she’s not feeling well it’s hard to let her whimper. Sleep will come eventually, I know. Neither Jake nor Noah slept through the night until after a year old. But now? They go to bed between 7 and 7:30 without complaint (and will go to bed earlier if they’re tired) and sleep until at least 6 a.m. I just have to be a little more patient.

sketchy waiting room

This morning I had my final dental appointment to correct the various decay and cavities that I inflicted upon my teeth thanks to a couple years of neglect. Sigh… But at least it’s over. My jaw is currently sore, but at least the Novacaine has worn off. It took over four hours to wear off completely! I guess that’s a good thing in a way. I certainly didn’t feel any pain while the dentist was drilling and filling.

At any rate, the waiting room was filled with quite the cast of characters this morning. This dental office is rather large and it’s in (what qualifies for) “the city.” It’s as urban as it gets up here at least, LOL! Though it wasn’t quite as bad as when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. That time there was some weirdo who kept trying to talk to me after I’d had my teeth yanked (hello – I couldn’t talk!). I’m one of those people that seem to attract random conversations. When I was in college I worked at CVS and one time this lady came in and bought a certain brand of lotion. With the sale and coupons she got it for next to nothing and I remarked that she got a great deal. She proceeded to launch into a 15-minute explanation about her eczema treatment and why she used this particular lotion. I kid you not. Of course the store was also dead that evening so I could do nothing but listen and nod politely.

So at least I didn’t have to feign interest in anything. I was called back to the dentist’s chair just as soon as I signed in. Thank goodness.

spring fever

Considering it’s February and there’s snow on the ground, I have to say that it is really nice out today. It’s almost 40 out, which feels downright balmy! I am really starting to itch for warmer weather and greener landscapes. Last year my daffodils didn’t appear until mid-April!


Let’s hope they pop a little sooner this year. Then it will be time for my azaleas to brighten up the front yard with their pretty pink blooms.


And, of course I like to plant petunias in containers to liven up the back deck. I’m not sure what colors I’ll pick this year, but last year I was heavy on the purple.

petunia patio pots

I love hosta buds, too. I think they look so cool and funky before the open up into flowers.


And, of course there are my roses! They performed so well last year even with my neglect. (Between taking care of a newborn and the construction on the upstairs I barely paid them any attention).

yellow rose

I hope my hydrangea blooms this year. I think that last year I overpruned it. Early in the spring I’ll spread some peat around it; a friend told me that’s all she does and hers produces lush clusters of flowers. I also am planning an herb garden. Herbs can be used for everything from spicing up your food to aiding in digesting. If you’re wondering how to get rid of blackheads, I bet there’s an herbal remedy for it. We’re not participating in a CSA this year so I might (might) plant a few tomatoes, cukes, radishes, and lettuce. Maybe even pumpkins and melon, we’ll see. I always have big thoughts at this time of year, but when it comes to actually planting everything and maintaining a garden, well… the plans don’t always pan out, LOL!