wisdom teeth, days 2 and 3

All in all, I have to say that this has been a relatively pain-free experience. Friday night I took a Vicodin before bed, concerned that I’d wake up in pain in the middle of the night. I didn’t. Around 2:30 I got up to nurse Laura and took 400 mg. of ibuprofen and that held me until about 8:30 a.m. I got by just on a couple ibuprofen pills and didn’t feel it necessary to take anything stronger (though I did take another Vicodin at bedtime). I felt great all day and at times I had to remind myself that I couldn’t eat the foods I normally would. My jaw is more sore than the areas where my teeth were pulled, actually. I now remember this from back when I had braces. Anytime I had to have anything major done my jaw hurt so bad. This is bearable, though.

Last night Laura slept for a much longer stretch, so when I woke at 4:30 to nurse, I actually felt uncomfortable. Again, I’ve just been managing the pain with a normal dose of ibuprofen. I can’t take the Vicodin during the day because it makes me loopy and really, I don’t need it. I really don’t have that much else to say. I never had any swelling and I’ve been dutifully rinsing with salt water after eating.  I’m bored with soft foods, but I’m trying to make the best of it. I don’t think I’d have a problem chewing something like ground beef or pasta, but I am terrified of something getting stuck in one of the holes so I’ll have to just keep this up for a few more days. Blargh. I think I’ve done a pretty good job eating a variety of soft foods and making them as interesting as possible. I think I’ll save that for another blog post, though.

The Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Well, today was the day! I was super nervous going into the dentist’s, but he was really nice which made things easier. I think that the folks at Aspen Dental should list themselves under the “Gentle and Understanding” category when they do a website directory submission, LOL! Since I only have two wisdom teeth (the bottom ones), and they weren’t impacted or abscessed or anything like that I opted to just go with a local anesthetic. (Not to mention I didn’t want to pay to be put under and the idea freaked me out a little). I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I figured it couldn’t be that bad. And really, it wasn’t.

He started on the left side of my mouth and was having a heck of a time getting a good grip on my stubborn tooth. The rocking of the tooth back and forth was a little disturbing, but I just felt pressure. It certainly was no worse than any of my c-sections! The tooth finally came out and the roots were really long plus this one had a hook on one of the roots. Apparently the dentist hadn’t noticed this on the X-ray and said that he was impressed it didn’t break off. Yikes! The right side went faster. I felt a little bit of pain because I don’t think the Novcaine totally numbed on that side, but it was barely noticable.

The worst part of the whole thing, for me, was over four hours of having my my mouth, cheeks, and lips numb! That has finally worn off, thankfully. I got a prescription for Vicodin (as well as an antibiotic), but since I started to feel pain before Drew got back with it I took a few Advil and that has worked well so far. I’ve only had water and some Jell-O and I am starving. Can’t wait to eat a little something. My dentist told me to stick to soft foods — dairy is fine. I specifically asked since I’d read contradicting things. Tomorrow I am to start a salt water rinse 4-5 times a day. And that’s pretty much it. It was nowhere near as bad for me as is seems to be for other people. Hopefully the rest of the recovery will go so well 🙂

scalloped baby blanket & matching bibs

baby shower gift set

Did you know that September is National Sewing Month? Well, it is! And, fittingly, I’ve been sewing a lot lately. My latest projects came from my favorite book, “Bend the Rules Sewing” by Amy Karol (of Angry Chicken). After borrowing this book from the library a couple times, I deemed it a worthy purchase for my craft library. There are so many cute and easy projects in it. I decided to make the Scalloped Baby Blanket for my sister-in-law’s baby shower.

I originally bought this paisley fabric during the summer, intending to make myself a skirt. But I decided that, paired with a charming polka-dot print, it would be a great baby quilt that wasn’t “cutesy.” The pattern was very clear and overall it was not too difficult. Sewing all those scallops took patience, but it was worth it.

scalloped baby blanket folded up

The worst part was sewing shut the two scallops left open to turn the blanket inside-out. You’re supposed to just top-stitch them closed, but I clipped the fabric too close for that and ended up hand-sewing them. It didn’t come out exactly as perfect as I wanted for a gift, but I was very proud of the end result. I just reminded myself that it’s not perfect, it’s handmade. All told, the project probably took me about 6 hours (including the bibs). I did it when I had chunks of time, though, so it’s hard to tell. I worked slowly because I didn’t want to rush my way around all those corners. I imagine the next one would go faster.

scalloped baby blanket - front

scalloped baby blanket - back

scalloped baby blanket detail

I made a couple matching baby bibs to round out the gift set. I love making bibs! Quick, easy, and fun. Plus I really am not fond of all the character bibs or babyish bibs that you always end up getting. They don’t take much fabric and they’re about as stylish as a bib can get!

baby bibs

Week’s Eats: Getting My Teeth Yanked Edition


What else do you do at 3:30 a.m. when you’ve had all of 2 hrs. sleep and don’t really see yourself getting any anytime soon? Why, you make your menu plan for the week! This week I have a challenge: coming up with soft yet healthy foods I can eat after my wisdom teeth are extracted on Friday. I’m not sure if I can have food with dairy the day they are yanked (read this somewhere, but will obviously confirm w/ my dentist), so I think I’ll make some chicken soup this week. I found some teensy little pastina in the cupboard so that will be good. And maybe I can mash up the carrots in the broth. But at the very least my homemade chicken soup should be good for Friday. Other things I’m thinking of are FF refried beans and cheese, homemade applesauce, mashed potatoes. I will probably pick up some instant breakfast or protein drinks. It’s the bottom two wisdom teeth and they’re not impacted, but I have no idea what to expect. If you have any great ideas, let me know! I’m thinking that soups are probably the best way to go.

  • Sunday: Grabbed dinner on the road
  • Monday: Leftover lasagna, salad
  • Tuesday: Chicken Picatta, pasta salad, broccoli
  • Wednesday: Roast Chicken and vegetables
  • Thursday: Burgers, chips, cole slaw or salad (Jake’s having a friend over for a playdate AND my parents will be down so they can take Noah to school and watch Laura on Friday a.m. while I’m at the dentist.)
  • Friday: Chicken broth with pastina. (I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I will be in pain so Drew can figure it out for the boys and himself.)
  • Saturday: Potato soup

For more menu ideas visit I’m an Organizing Junkie

mama’s got style

So, I’ve been having a stressful week. I know it’s not like I’m planning on law school and working on LSAT prep work or anything and stressed out because my future is at stake. But it’s just one of those weeks. So when my Kohl’s flyer came in the mail and I actually got a 30% off my entire purchase code, I took it as a sign to indulge in a little retail therapy. Behold:

new fall bag

new shoes

I’m currently in love with the color teal. I’ve never been much into blue, but this season it’s just calling to me, especially when paired with browns and grays. (Incidentally, the shoes were a killer deal. They were already marked down to $14.99 from $59.99 and I got that extra 30% off!) I’m looking forward to breaking in both of these lovlies over the weekend.

CSA 2009: Ninth Share

CSA 2009: Ninth Share

I was desperate for this week’s share because we ran out of lettuce sometime on Friday. Alas, only one head this week. But it’s pretty big. We also had 1 1/4 lbs. of greens coming our way so I divided it up between arugula and mixed Asian greens. The rest: three squash (I have no idea what those little guys are in the corner left, but they’re so cute I just had to try them along with the summer squash), two cukes, two tiny eggplant, one pepper, radishes, onions, fennel, basil, cilantro, garlic, and a teensy little watermelon. I passed on the green beans because they looked tough and seedy to me — blech. Also, I skipped over the PYO flowers, parsley, and scallions because I was in a rush to get home. The flowers were looking tired last time anyway. Look at how small the watermelon is:

teensy watermelon

I’ll cut it into fourths for tomorrow’s dessert. Tonight for dessert I made apple sandwiches. I cored an apple and the sliced it so the hole is in the middle of the slice. Slathered on some peanut butter, added a few chocolate chips, and topped it with another apple slice. It was a big hit. Jake told me that it didn’t belong on the “cool dessert list,” but it belonged on the “AWESOME dessert list.” So there you are.

Menu Planning Monday, on Tuesday

Considering the crummy start to my week, I hope you’ll forgive the late posting of my weekly menu. It all started on Sunday when we realized we didn’t have hot water and our boiler wouldn’t light. Long story short, the fix was relatively easy, but the cost for the part was pricey. I’m just thankful that the plumber we called (who is NOT the plumber who installed the A/C that still isn’t working right) didn’t charge us extra for coming out on a Sunday.

Then I’ve been dealing with an awful company called PayFlex. Each year we put money into a flexible spending account, managed by PayFlex, to use for things like co-pays. I thought we were so organized this year, considering we had a good estimate of costs for Laura’s birth and all the info we needed. Well naturally, they want to make it difficult and were questioning whether these payments were qualified. (Come on — what do you think I’m buying for $500 from an anesthesiologist?) According to their letter, what we had sent them in June should have been sufficient. However, yesterday a CSR told me that an itemized list of services wasn’t acceptable (despite the fact that letter says it is); we had to send an EOB from our insurance. At least he was pleasant to speak with.

This morning I called to find out if there was an actual person I could send this pile of EOBs to (because they can sort it all out). The rep this morning was a total bitch, questioning why I was sending “those.” I tried to stay calm, I really did, because I lost it yesterday. But her attitude was so shitty that I let her have  it too because she wouldn’t answer my question and kept arguing with me. I finally said, “I would suggest that in these letters you send to your customers that you explicitly state exactly what information you need because as it now stands, the language is vague and misleading.” Maybe I was using words that were too big for her. Yeah, I know that’s mean, but it’s not like I was asking for anything ridiculous. I got so frustrated I just hung up. I think the only other time I’ve done that is about 15 years ago calling in regards to a student loan. These private corporations are out of control. They make things as difficult for you as possible, so you won’t send the information in and they keep your money.

So my week has not been great so far. But I do have a plan, even if it is only a meal plan:

  • Sunday: Pizza
  • Monday: Bacon & eggs
  • Tuesday: Sausage and peppers with roasted potatoes, salad
  • Wednesday: Chicken picatta, orzo, CSA vegetables
  • Thursday: Grilled steak, salad, CSA veggies
  • Friday: Turkey burgers, pasta salad
  • Saturday: I’ll be in WMass with Laura and Noah and I imagine Drew will do something fun w/ Jake.

fall cleaning

I’ve been on a cleaning/organizing spree lately. My mom used to do both spring cleaning and fall cleaning when I was a kid, so maybe that’s on my mind. Yesterday as I was cleaning the kitchen floor I wished we still had a rug under the table. We moved the braided rug into the den a while back. Maybe I’ll keep an eye out for area rugs. We’ll see.

Also, I think I’m going to pull out the autumn/Halloween decorations this weekend. It’s a little early but if I don’t do it while I’m in the mood it might not get done. This year I plan to buy cornstalks to attatch to the front stairs. Never got around to that last year (of course I was dead tired being newly pregnant and all). The leaves are starting to turn a bit over here and the weather is certainly cooler. I’m not going to kid myself, though. I expect one more stretch of hot weather any day now.

second grade!

mr. second grader Today was Jake’s first day of second grade! He was so excited to go; for the last week he’d been counting down the days until school starts. I let him pick his clothes (within reason, of course). After all, second grade means more independence, right? We have the schedule down-pat now since we’ve been doing it for two years. It also helps that our morning schedule didn’t change much over the summer. Everyone is an early riser here, so I kept breakfast time the same and most days we all were dressed by 7:30. Doing this made getting back into the swing of things much easier.

The post-bus report was overwhelmingly positive! In contrast to the last two years where, when asked “What did you do in school today?” Jake replied, “I don’t know,” this year he rattled off almost too much information. Apparently attendance took much longer than it usually does, his specials “go like gym art gym library music,” his teacher is either 54 or 57, and he has several old friends in his class. Also, a friend who had this teacher last year told Jake that she has a party every month. Not sure how much of an exaggeration that is, LOL! This year he sits at a desk, not a shared table and he is thrilled about that. They are not allowed to share school supplies and he has to turn his chair upside down onto the top of his desk at the end of the day. There seemed to be no talks of PS3s, other video games, or Bakugan. Yet. Regular homework starts next week.

As you can see, he was totally relaxed about the day:
noah & jake

I didn’t get weepy or anything as he got on the bus; that’s just not me. I often feel weird about it because most other mothers recount how they cried sending their children off to school, but that’s just not how I’m wired, I guess. We’re looking forward to a great year!

off to 2nd grade

happy labor day

I hope you are all enjoy a restful day with family and friends! We had a little of both this weekend. Saturday we visited my good friend Kelly are her sweet kids up in the Berkshires. Every time we go up there I long to move back to Massachusetts. Maybe someday, when the economy is better and when there are better picking for jobs we’ll be able to move back to the Amherst area (where Drew and I both went to college). But I love the Berkshires, too. Anyway… it was great hanging out with Kelly. Sadly we do not get to see each other as often as we’d like to, even though we don’t live all that far away.

While we were in the area we also hit the outlets. I wanted some fall clothes for Laura and lucked out at Osh Kosh. I could have spent so much more, but I held back. Drew and I also had luck at Eddie Bauer, each getting a few long-sleeved shirts for the cooler weather ahead. The boys didn’t need anything, thanks to their birthdays being at the end of August.

Yesterday we drove in the opposite direction and visited Drew’s mom and aunt down in Westchester. The boys had a great time and we enjoyed some delicious burgers and ribs. And let’s not mention the spinach-artichoke dip that we devoured with a loaf of pumpernickel, okay? We’ll just all pretend that didn’t happen 😉

This morning we decided to run our errands for the week and had lunch out at Buffalo Wild Wings. My menu had the calories for each dish listed and it certainly helped us make our choices! It was so tasty. Their sauce is so flavorful I didn’t even miss not having the chicken fried. After we got home we’ve all just been relaxing and doing our own thing for a while. The boys played with Playmobil, Drew played his guitar, and I finished an article (I couldn’t help it — I just wanted it done). S’more brownies are currently baking as I type and I’m getting ready to grill some steaks for dinner. We opened a bottle of The Phantom by Bogle that we bought last fall. Deeeeelicious! And much lighter than I expected it to be. In a good way. I think it will be great with the filet mignon.

Tomorrow I’ll be making sure everything is ready for Jake’s first day of second grade on Wednesday. Second grade! The time goes by so fast.