They’re all the same

Funny how after three realtors you pick up on their tricks and realize they all must study from the same book. Our contract with C21 is up on Monday. Our realtor, with whom I haven’t spoken in nearly a month, just called to let me know someone wants to see the house today at 4. The previous two realtors also had these sudden, urgent, eleventh-hour showings. So I said fine, send them over, but they shouldn’t expect the house to be in pristine condition. “Oh no, no, of course not. They have small children, too.” Then she asked about renewing the contract. I politely but sternly explained that yes, Drew and I had talked about it and no, we are not interested in renewing. They can pick up the sign and lock box at their earliest convenience.


Stylin’ Mama

For quite some time I have been coveting one of the gorgeous hostess aprons from Sommer Designs. I had promised myself I could buy one when we sold the house. Of course, that doesn’t appear to be happening. And on Christmas Eve as I was doing hours of prep work I realized that the dish towel I tucked into my jeans for a makeshift apron was lame, at best. So I decided that I would treat myself. Last night while browsing Etsy, I somehow came across the Sommer Designs Etsy shop where she has a few overstock aprons at a discount, so I figured that was a sign and I bought this one. I think it’s very cute and I am so excited to be cooking with style!

The tree is still up

But I am *so* ready to take it down. I’m one of those people who is ready to dismantle it the day after Christmas (but come on – we put it up on Thanksgiving so it has been up for quite some time). It’ll probably stay up until next weekend because I have a lot of other cleaning I want to get to today, and tomorrow (if the weather cooperates), we’re going to take a ride over to Christmas Tree Shops. I’ve started taking down some of the smaller decorations, though.

I still haven’t uploaded photos from Christmas, but I will get around to it, I swear. I’m just about caught up on everything else – writing, blogs, message boards… I was barely on the computer for just two days but man, did I miss a lot. I guess it just goes to show what a huge time suck the Internet is. Honestly, I barely missed it. I hope to figure out how to better manage my time online in the new year so I can waste less time in front of my laptop!

Car Angel

It might be a little late to make the cut for you 2007 taxes, but maybe next year as you’re donating old clothes and books, if you have an old vehicle sitting in your garage, you might want to consider donating it to an organization called Car Angel. I had heard about people who donate cars, boats, or other vehicles they are no longer using to other agencies, but this is one I had not been familiar with until recently. Car Angel uses the money from these donated vehicles to produce videos for children, including Christian videos that focus on love, morality, truthfulness, and bravery. The movies are distributed for free Here is an example of one of the “Donkey Ollie” videos:

The agency does a lot of charitable work aside from that. They have a literacy program aimed at imprisoned youths and adults, an anti-drug program, they offer relief for impoverished children in third world countries, and other programs as well.

Donating a vehicle is as easy as filling out a form. You will instantly get a receipt for your tax-deductable donation, towing arrangments will be made, and you release your vehicle, title, and keys to the driver. I do know of people who have vehicles just collecting dust on their property for whatever reason so this program might be worth looking into.

Four days

Four days until we’re pulling out the Century 21 sign in front of our house, that is. Our contract is up on the 31st and we’re so ticked that the sign is coming up, we’re laying it down in front of our house, and calling the office to tell someone to pick it up. We haven’t heard from our agent since right around Thanksgiving. I think the last contact we had was after the showing to those people who wanted to be able to put an inground pool in. She left a message saying they weren’t interested. We didn’t even get a Christmas card from the agency which is totally weird because every other realtor we’ve dealt with in the past always sent one, just to keep up good relations. Apparently this agency doesn’t care too much about that. Oh well. Looks like we won’t need worry about researching any companies like Movers New York or anything, LOL! I know the real estate market sucks, but really… when agents don’t put forth any amount of effort how can they expect to sell anything?

Where do the pens go?

I swear, I cannot find a single pen in this house. The other day I just found a bunch of advertising pens that I’d accumulated at tradeshows (you know, the ones that have companies’ names or logos on them), and I put them in the kitchen drawer. This morning I needed a pen to write a few things on the calendar and I could not find one of them. Argh! I am guilty about not putting them away but honestly… how do they all go missing at once?

Crazy Christmas

All my work paid off because Christmas was super-awesome! Santa left a ridiculous amount of presents under the tree, sure to delight the eyes of two little boys. (He didn’t forget the grown-ups, either!) As Jake unwrapped his gifts, he excitedly declared that each and every thing was “Exactly what I wanted!” Noah didn’t miss out on the action, either. When Jake was two he was much more into playing with the bows, but Noah ripped right in, excitedly screaming, “Presents!” It was hysterical, I tell you. There were LEGOs a plenty, a slot car track, a dinosaur-themed MagnaDoodle, lots and lots of Play Dough, games, action figures… I can’t even remember. Drew was very happy with his big gift — a USB turntable. I got him a few other little things, too. Santa gave me quite a few books, DVDs, wine (including 2005 Ridge Geyserville, yum!), a Gorilla Pod (for my camera), and a creme brulee set, complete with torch. So I plan on making some creme brulee to enjoy with bubbly on New Year’s Eve.

The food was awesome and everyone seemed to really enjoy the finger foods. My Caprese skewers were probably the biggest hit, and go figure — they were also the most simple. Though the filet mignon crostini was enjoyed by all, too… We had a great time with our family! Hope yours was wonderful, too.

“I can walk like a penguin!”

Up early again with Mr. Sunrise (technically, Mr. Before Sunrise). I was randomly thinking about some commericals I loved when I was a kid and thanks to the magic of YouTube I have been able to enjoy them again! If you lived in Massachusetts (and probably Rhode Island and So. New Hampshire) in the late 70s/early 80s, no doubt these will be a blast from the past for you. Enjoy!

New England Aquarium

Boston Museum of Science

Now if I could only find video of “Snippets” — short segments that used to air on Boston’s WLVI Channel 56 around that same time period my TV nostalgia would be complete!