Friday, September 01, 2006

The Artist 

The Pig
So, when I got into the Jeep to head to the grocery store this afternoon, I noticed this drawing on the compartment between the front seats (I know it's hard to see; it was really difficult to photograph). Now, this obviously was not factory-installed artwork, so I asked our little Picasso about it.

Me: Jake! What is this???!!!
Jake: It's a pig, Mommy.
Me (kind of freaking out): Why did you draw that?
Jake: Because I really like pigs!

Sigh... I have to admit that it is a good pig drawing, snout and all. Let's hope that Soft Scrub can work some magic.
Posted by Carol @ 4:08 PM


I'm sorry but that is soooooo funny... omg I am busting up here lol...
By Shannon, at 10:22 PM
LOL! :) He is *so* funny ~ cracks me up!
By Lisanne, at 11:25 AM