menu plan monday


Blargh. I ate way too much chocolate today (yes, it is possible), and barely feel like thinking about a menu for the week, but I must. I have a couple more recipes to type up and post from last week (an updated version of my favorite macaroni & cheese recipe, as well as a recipe for Indian-spiced chicken burgers). We’ve been eating pretty well here — no use for diet aids in this house (well, except for today’s random chocolate binge).

Today Drew made up a big batch of marinara sauce, so I’ll be using that as the base for many of our meals this week. Friday night will be “three cool guys” around here, since I plan on taking Laura up to visit my family up in WMass. They can fend for themselves 😉 Here’s the plan:

Monday: Penne with sauce and turkey sausage

Tuesday: Something in the Crock Pot (LOL…)

Wednesday: Meatloaf melts, oven-baked french fries, salad

Thursday: Baked breaded chicken, sweet potato rolls, broccoli, salad

Friday: Guy’s night

Saturday: Out (?)

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