Oh, hi

Well, I figured I should probably update here since the last time I wrote it was Friday! As you can imagine, we’ve been keeping things pretty low-key around here. Saturday we had family over to see Miss Laura. It was a gorgeous day out and we just had sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, and some olives. Drew put everything together and it was all yummy! Sunday we just took it easy. I was actually really sore and kind of grouchy. Laura seemed to be nursing constantly and I was feeling pretty tired. Although all that nursing paid off because when we took her to the pediatrician yesterday, she was almost back up to her birth weight! When we left the hospital on Friday, she weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz. Yesterday she was up to 6 lbs. 1 oz. Not too bad, eh?

She’s pretty laid back so far. She eats and sleeps and doesn’t fuss much. She prefers to be held when she sleeps (then again, who doesn’t? LOL), so we’re working on easing her from our arms to her carrier. Just like her brothers, at this point she hates lying down flat on her back. In fact, in the hosptial, the nurses always had her basinette positioned at an angle. But things are going well and we’re all doing OK in the sleep department. So far the adjustment has gone well for everyone, including the boys.

Today Drew took Noah to run a couple errands and return some movies. When I went into the kitchen for a snack I saw that he’d forgotten the movies, ugh! I figured I would just call him, but then I saw that both of our cellular phones were right there on the island, so there went that idea. Luckily, one of the builders mentioned that he was going to rent a movie and offered to return them for us, so that worked out! Drew is also on CSA duty tonight, but at least Jake’s baseball practice was cancelled due to the cold, rainy, wet weather today. I feel bad because he’s really doing pretty much everything. I cannot wait to feel “normal” again. I know it hasn’t quite been a week, but… I’m getting pretty antsy. In the meantime, at least I am getting to watch a lot of Food Network and funny infomercials. 😉

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  1. Sounds like it’s going great! 🙂 My son preferred to be put down when sleeping pretty much from the moment he was born… and nothing has changed since then. He’s *always* liked being on his own – his mom and dad are just extras! 😉

  2. Sorry I didn’t get to call as planned 🙁 Now I’m running off to work till tonight. We are on our way to Maine tomorrow morning so I’ll try to call you from my cell. Hope you are all having a good day!

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